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I am a programmer living in Sweden -

I have several free software programming projects active, amongst them my project manager for the SciTE editor - SciteProj. My latest project is Devilspie2, a continuation of Devilspie, and is a window matching utility which helps to make rules which are applied on windows, allowing a whole lot of customization. Both SciteProj and Devilspie2 has their source availible on Savannah. All these projects are released as Free Software using the GPL or LGPL license.

Most of my projects I have made available on Savannah., but I still have some projects on github. I prefer Savannah or another source repository because of this.

An overview of my contributions to Debian - the universal operating system - can be found here.

My public GnuPG key is 4096R/B2DA2888.

And last, but not least - If you cannot get enough of my poetical handling of the written english language, you can read my twitter @gusnan1.

email: gusnan (at) openmailbox (dot) org
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